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Our company exists for 4 years and knew evolved.

Partner of your projects, we are henceforth an inescapable actor of the property géomarketing.

Enriched by an activity of consulting, Planete immobilière, it is planet information and planet council two perfectly additional activities today.

So, we are happy to give a new run-up to our communications strategy thanks to this site.

You will find as well the description detailed by our studies and files on the sector of immovable property but also a new letter there which will be anxious you to inform about the evolution of these markets and about our company.

By wishing that this site is the keystone of a durable exchange among you and us.

Newsletter n°1

Presentation of the indicator INDICIMMO

Realized by experts' cabinet Property Planet, INDICIMO is a representative indication of the property values quoted in the Paris Stock Exchange. Besides its fortnightly publication, our experts will bring you all the advices for your future investments on the market of Pierre côtée.

This indicator was calculated by respecting the following parameters :

The representativeness of the various activities of the immovable property.
With a selection of the main building companies ( 13 values), INDICIMO will cover the whole market :

- the immovable property of company,
- the immovable property of house,
- the immovable property of leisure.

The market capitalization of each of the values which composes it.
When one of them will be the object of a financial operation, it will be for a moment removed from the indication until the term of the operation.
So any erratic movement will be abolished.

A calculation every 15 days with a fixing close on Fridays.
It is to note that we shall not take into account the paid dividends.

Article on the private assets management

The profitability of a real estate investment

In front of the reproduction of the products of saving on the market, the particular investor should compare in a more attentive way the proposed products. Besides the criteria connected to the tax system, the liquidity and the availability of the investment, the rate of return still stays the criterion prevailing in the choice of the saver, although easily déterminable for transferable securities.

Net return =   Dividends
(price of acquisition of the action + the other expenses)

The calculation of the rate of net return on an immovable property is more complex, because to obtain it, the owner should successively determine the price of the investment of the good, corresponding to the price of acquisition of the flat to which will be added responsibilities appendices: notaries' expenses, interests bound to the loan and the possible works made during the purchase. Incomes stemming from the good, only the taken rents, except loads, during the calendar year should be taken into account.

Loads bound to the common management of the good. They consist mainly of :

- The tax system : right of lease, basic tax
  (estimated between 8 and 11 % of the rent)
- The interview of the flat : different repairs, loads bound to the building
  (estimated between 4 and 5 % of the rent),
- The expenses of administration of the good by a professional
  (considered between 4 and 11 % of rents),
- Expenses bound to a guarantee unpaid rent
  (estimated between 1,7 at 3 % of the quittancement).

Let us note, however, that the whole of these loads will have to be attached to the calendar year.

Once these three elements were calculated, the application of the formula below will allow to determine the rate of net return on the flat :

Net return =   (returned - charge with current management)
Price of the investment

Example of calculation of a rate of profitability for the following good :

- 2 rooms of 41 m ² situated in Lille,
- Cost price 69 821.65 €,
- Monthly 365.88 € rent except loads,
- Managed by a professional.

Price of acquisition73 175.53 €
Acquisition costs5 030.82 €
Global amount of the investment78 206.35 €
Annual taken gross income (12 months)4 0390.53 €
Tax system481.74 €
Maintenance of the flat243.92 €
Expenses of administration of the good293.46 €
Total of the current loads1019.12 €
Taken net income3 371.41 €
Net return (except tax system IRPP)4,1 %
Source Partenaire Immobilier 2001

Nota Bene :
It is to indicate that we disregarded the personal tax system of the saver and the realization of the cost of purchase of the flat.

To drive you in your choices of investments, you will find in the table below the raw rates of profitability hoped in the first quarter 2001 of the main types of immovable properties.

Type de bien immobilierTaux de rentabilité
Apartmentfrom 3 to 8 %
Pavilionfrom 2 to 9 %
Parkingfrom 6 to 10 %
Offices and tradede 5 à 13 %
Apartmentfrom 3 to 12 %
Pavilionfrom 4 to 9 %
Parkingfrom 3 to 8 %
Offices and tradeNC
Source Planète Immobilière 2001


- Management of the phone book of the ESPI :
Since July, 2003 Planète Immobilière has in responsibility the management of the phone book of the espi (college of the property occupations) with two main tasks: the updated of the file of the ancient and the research for announcers.

- We shall propose in October, 2003 exclusively the file of the new real estate agencies opened for less than 6 months.

- The study 2003 on the administration of possessions will be available on October 15, 2003.
You will find the complete photography of this market and his actors there..