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Space property Géomarketing

Nowadays, the conception of the géomarketing is too often reduced to the cartographic analysis of the data.

Our force

Now, to deepen this vision more than reduced, Planète Immobilière, become the specialist of " géomarketing immovable property ", leans on knowledge of the property market based well and a unique data bank.

Our volonty

So, today we offer you an analysis either only visual but quantitative and qualitative of a catchment area of shop, thanks to our force basing on the alliance of a rapidly growing concept, the géomarketing, and a sector of the immovable property.

Our objective

The better know your targets and the better arrest your market to adapt to best your actions.

Example of realization

B TO C : Zone of clientele - Determination of...
B TO B : Determination of distribution networks

Example of our competence géomarketing

Study of the street Guichard Paris 16

Next Means of transport Subway of the Muette in 300 m
Descriptive road One-way street of the traffic of the street Paul Doumer towards Passy's street.
Car park Parking spaces on each side of the street
paying to ticket machine.
Distribution of the nature of buildings 90 % House
10 % Mixed
Number of buildings 11
Height averages buildings
Building the lowest
Highest Building
5,5 floors
4 floors
6 floors
Age averages buildings 60 % Buildings built between 1900 and 1948
Rate of presence of businesses 95, 6 % of businesses
Nature of the businesses 82.4 % Equipment of the person
8,6 % Fast food
4,5 % Service to companies
4,5 % Health
Stream of population in 5 min of passage 83,33 % of women
16,67 % of men