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The housing market in Francee

- The market of Paris and its suburb

The immovable property RER

February 2001.
Presentation of the RER impact on the property transactions in the Île-de-France.
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« Student » housing

In the Île-de-France, there are more than 800,000 students, which leads to a huge housing demand, called “student housing”.
Despite of the supply increase, many students are resorting to rented accomodations.
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The investment

- Indicimo


Carried out by the consulting firm Planète Immobilière, Indicimo is an index of quoted shares on the Paris stock exchange.
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- Analysis and assessment of the investment

To invest in the provinces

1st November 2000
Analysis of the property investments in the French provinces.
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To buy or to rent ?

That is the question many French people are asking today, in this period of economic recovery. Immomag and Planète Immobilière suggest some case studies.
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1st December 2000
Analysis of the property investment at Bordeaux, big metropolis and capital of the south-west area.
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