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Index cards, in the same way as index card of the city of Versailles, can be consulted on our site B to C :


Example : Versailles city in 1999

infos ville versailles In spite of the nearness of Paris (20 km), Versailles knew how to ally the attractions of a provincial town and those of a big metropolis and is recognized for the quality of its living environment and for all the advantages which offers a modern city.
- The trump cards of Versailles
- Key figure
- Districts
- The market of the immovable property, the characteristics
- The prices by districts (deal and rent)
- Prespectives and projects of future
infos ville versailles

The trumps cards of Versailles

- A network of quality communication, allowing the fast access within quarter of an hour to the most important labour pools of the region (The Defence, St Quentin in Yvelines, Montparnasse's district),

- Community facilities and numerous administration staff, because of its status of prefecture of Yvelines,

- A diversified and dynamic business (tourism, business, service industry),

- A city very rich in history and in cultural events (" At nights of the patrimony ", " four months Molière "),

- A nearness of the nature with notably the park of Versailles and the various forests which surround it (Wood Martinmas, Wood of the Bridge Colbert).

Key figures

Population 88.476 inhabitants
Surface of the municipality 2.618 Ha
Unemployment rate 5,5% en 1990
Number of stations 5
Lines of bus 24
Line FNRC 3
Road access N 286
Property tax 1002 FF(source INSEE 1996)


- The district Saint Louis
Composed of old constructions (XVII-th , XVIII-th and XVIIII-th century), the district Saint Louis remains the historic centre of the city. In spite of the lack of comfort of certain buildings (no elevator and parking, facades to be swallowed, individual heater), Saint Louis is one of the sectors the most looked for because of the charm and of the stamp of his houses of formerly (street paved, high ceiling, presence of frescoes, inner courtyards).

- The district Montreuil
Being bounded by the avenue of Paris, the avenue of United States and the street of the Refuge, the district MONTREUIL benefits from a quiet environment. Composed of flat social and private (recent places of residence of the year 60 and 70 and of domestic houses of the end of the XX-th century), the sector arranges main conveniences (station FNRC, school services).

- The district Chantier
Near the station FNRC (12 minutes of Montparnasse), CONSTRUCTION SITE is the most popular district of the city. Numerous businesses and a good sideboard of bus return the pleasant daily life there.

- The district Notre Dame - Right bank
Being situated in the northeast of Versailles, Our Lady establishes the town centre. By-passed by the famous avenue of Paris, attached to the park of the castle of Versailles, this zone of the city enjoys a multitude of advantages: the nearness of the station Right bank, of very numerous businesses of nearness, a daily market hall, schools, the theater MONTANSIER and cinemas.

The market of the immovable property:

- Composition of the property Park
The municipality of Versailles counts a park of flats about 39.000 units, among which 35.000 of the main homes (INSEE on 1990).
It is to note that 36.9 % of Versaillais are owners of their flat while on the national territory this rate is 54 %.
The renting park consists in great majority by a private park, with approximately 13 000 flats (65.3 %), against 6 913 social flats (34.7 %).

- Characteristics
Property park versaillais is characterized by :

- The age of buildings,
more particularly those of the town centre,
- Co-ownership of small sizes :
40 % of these buildings count less than 9 flats.
It is translated by buildings of small height (on average 3 floors),
specific in the history of Versailles,
- An important number of detached houses (13%).

The prices

The prices practised in the deal
Districts Price of m²
Avenue of Paris 17.300 FF
Saint-Louis 16.250 FF
Montreuil 15.500 FF
Chantier 13.500 FF
Notre-Dame / Right bank 19.600 FF

The prices practised in the rent
Number of rooms Prix du m²
1 room 95 / 105 FF
2 rooms 92 / 95 FF
3 rooms 88 / 91 FF
4 rooms and more 95 / 97 FF

Prespectives and projects of future

The versaillaise municipality envisages in the years to come the development of a new district to SATORY, in the 65 HA of former(ancient) fields of military operation closed down.
The first studies of organization state the construction of small collective buildings and dune bums around suburban.
In it will add businesses and a zone of economic activity mainly centred on the service industry.

infos ville versailles infos ville versailles

The file of geographic data and infrastructure

To know the economic, demographic environment and social is a precious tool in the understanding of our market.
Our base " DECOG " will supply you the indispensable data to concretize your studies such as :

Studies of establishment


Studies of chanlandise

Competitive location

Determination of distribution networks.