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Space out databases

Endowed with more than 200 000 addresses and 15 criteria of selection, our bank of datum became the reference on the market of the property information.

Files B to B, B to C, descriptive index cards of buildings, photos and city analyses, we propose you a base of exhaustive information about the three constituents of the immovable property: actors, park, market.

Our files arise from a unique methodology combining phone inquiry, synthesis of phone book, trade shows, Internet site, and especially investigate ground.

The crossing of these files will allow you to obtain a unique, reliable and precise information notably in determination of patrimony and income of your prospects.

In this way, we offer you the best guarantee of success during your operations of direct marketing.

The players on the property business

The B to B

The whole of the professionals of the property business (estate agent, notary, architect, institutional investors, managing agent...).

The B to C

Owners files, presidents and members of management commitees, tenants, ..

The european

Files of European property business professionals.

The housing market

The prices of
the immovable

The bases of selling price and rent detailed(retailed) by nature by possessions and by districts.

The geographic and
infrastructures data

The economic and behavioral bases on the various actors contained in our file of geographic data and infrastructures.

The number of buildings

Files building
of Paris

The file of the buildings of Paris and RP with description detailed by the nature of services offered.

Data bank

The data bank "Photo" by district and by building.